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Mr. Stewart incorporated The John Stewart Company with three employees in 1978, drawing on his experience in real estate development and a personal commitment to the field of affordable housing. Mr. Stewart is actively involved in project acquisition, rehabilitation, syndication, management, consulting, marketing, and development activities undertaken by the firm.

Mr. Stewart has provided leadership for the Company for over 25 years through its growth to over 1000 employees with a management portfolio which now exceeds 23,000 units in over 250 properties primarily throughout Northern California. The firm and/or Mr. Stewart serve as general partner/owner on a substantial number of these developments. He has been instrumental in building relationships with non-profit entities, public agencies and private lenders to create unique project owner partnerships, infusing private investor capital into new, existing and some troubled projects to create and preserve sound, long-term affordable housing. To this end, he has utilized both federal and state Housing Tax Credits, and Historic Investment Tax Credits. Mr. Stewart continues to work extensively with both federal and local governmental bodies which administer many of the programs which sustain affordable housing.

Mr. Stewart was formerly an officer of a TRW-owned subsidiary which developed public and HUD-assisted and insured housing. He has been a member of the Advisory Committee on Low- and Moderate-Income Housing to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Commissioner in Washington, D.C. and in 1988 received a Presidential appointment to the Board of Directors of the National Cooperative Bank. He has served as Chairman of the National Cooperative Bank – Development Corporation, which makes focused loans to low-income housing, medical, and agricultural cooperatives. Mr. Stewart has also been a member of an advisory task force reporting to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for HUD. He currently serves as Director on the Boards of the Low Income Housing Fund of San Francisco and the National Housing Conference of Washington, D.C. Mr. Stewart is a graduate of Stanford University.