Employee Testimonials

Jethro B Portrait

Jethro B.

Maintenance Supervisor

There are many maintenance jobs out there with various companies. My last employer downsized and many of us lost our jobs. During my job search, I was looking for a stable company with a good track record of treating their employees fairly and I found The John Stewart Company (JSCo). I started with JSCo about 5 years ago in hopes of retiring with them. I’ve found this company to be very empowering towards their employees. It’s not often you find a company that TRULY has compassion for both employees and residents. Management at all levels are never too busy to address your concerns and JSCo’s no-cost health care through the Wellness Program is the best I’ve experienced. When I tell someone, I work for The John Stewart Company, and they say “I hear that’s a good company to work for,” this reinforces my feelings. I’ve been in this profession for over 30 years and have found JSCo to have integrity and respect amongst management companies in the industry. At this point, for me, to work for another company would be a step down from JSCo and its CORE values.

Amy Y.

Assistant Property Manager

I started working for The John Stewart Company in 2007 as a Full Time Desk Clerk. I was new to this country when I started working for JSCo, and my co-workers were very welcoming to me. I am bilingual, so I help with both the verbal and written translations between our Chinese residents and our staff members. In 2016 I was promoted to Assistant Property Manager, I received training in multiple software platforms, so that I was prepared for my new job responsibilities. Throughout my career with JSCo, my coworkers have been supportive as I continued my studies and grow my family, allowing for work-life balance. One aspect I really enjoy about this company are the monthly Safety meetings at our property. Staff members meet and discuss the needs of the property, staff, and our manager is there to give us guidance. The John Stewart Company has given me multiple opportunities and I really enjoy working for this company.
Diana P Portrait

Diana P.

Staff Accountant

I started working for The John Stewart Company in April 2011 as a receptionist. Within four months, I was promoted to an Accounts Payable Specialist. Although I lacked property management experience, I became a Property Manager in 2013. During my second year as a Property Manager, I decided to pursue a degree in Accounting. Then I transferred back to the Accounting Department and was promoted to Lead Accounts Payable Specialist. The John Stewart Company’s diverse leadership makes employees feel represented and empowered. With the support of my supervisors, I was able to complete my degree in 2018 and become a staff accountant. In the eight years I have been with The John Stewart Company, they’ve helped me to grow and thrive.
Miguel J Portrait

Miguel J.

Sr. Regional Manager

I have worked in the Property Management field for the past twenty years, of which fifteen have been with The John Stewart Company. I’ve been a Regional Manager for the John Stewart Company since July 2013, and currently oversee eight properties in Solano County out of the Sacramento Regional Office. In 2003, I was hired as a Maintenance Dispatcher at Phoenix Park Apartments, a property with approximately 500 units in Sacramento. In 2011, I was offered to manage a Tax Credit property with 170 units, and I gladly accepted. After one year as Property Manager at Meadow Glen Apartments, I was offered a position as an Assistant Regional Manager to oversee several properties in Solano County for approximately six months. In 2012, I was asked to manage Hotel Berry, a new lease up, a property in the Downtown Sacramento area. Once the lease up at The Studios at Hotel Berry was completed, I was offered the position of Regional Manager for the Sacramento Region. I accepted the offer and continued to excel in my profession. Since then, I have overseen a complete rehabilitation project in 2015 for a property in Fairfield, a new construction lease-up for a property in Sacramento that consists of 180 Tax Credit units, and a new construction lease up in West Sacramento that consists of 77 Tax Credit units. I never imagined I would have a career in property management, but now this is my life. I am very grateful to be part of JSCo, a company that has mentors to help you excel and gain as much knowledge as you are willing to receive. JSCo is truly a company that has compassion towards employees, residents and anyone that is somehow involved with them. I have never heard of a company that has such high standards like JSCo does when it comes to delivering performance, services and professionalism to their clients, residents and employees. JSCo is a company that will always encourage their employees to move up by providing the tools, training and 100% support.
Samantha B Portrait

Samantha B.

Regional Manager

The John Stewart Company has been instrumental in my growth as a person and as a business woman in the property management industry. I started in the company as a Property Manager and throughout my career, I was mentored by upper management who encouraged and supported my journey to become a Regional Manager. What I love about the company is the support! I’ve grown so much as a person and have taken this home with me so that I can be a positive person and role model for my adult kids. To me, JSCo is not just a place to go to work, it’s family. JSCo has integrity, compassion, and stands for all its core values, that’s what makes JSCo a place that cares. You can make mistakes but you learn from them and it makes you a better person to succeed. Part of my job that I love doing is mentoring, I get to see people grow and move up, or take on challenges that they may not have taken before. With JSCo you can grow, I never thought I would be where I am today and I really appreciate the people who had a big part of that and saw something in me.
Pamela L Portrait

Pamela L.

Administrative Assistant

I’ve been part of the JSCo family for about 5 months and having the opportunity to work for this company has been one the best things for me. The first thing I noticed was the professionalism in JSCo employees. I truly appreciate how everyone helps each other out even when they’ve got a lot on their own plate. I am able to see how everyone shows respect to each other on a daily basis, a quality that was not well portrayed by my previous employers. I enjoy building new relationships when getting to know my coworkers and meeting new people. My supervisor has contributed so much to making my workdays manageable. I like taking on new tasks and responsibilities. I’ve learned so much during my time here and yet there’s so much more to learn. I’m thankful for the positive attitude that everyone brings to the office. I know there are opportunities for me to grow within the company and I’m excited to see what JSCo has in store for me.

Marjorie H.

Senior Property Manager

I started my professional journey with The John Stewart Company in 2004 with zero property management experience. I was looking for a temporary Full-Time job to keep me busy for the summer and to get myself acclimated to the workforce. Summer flew by and 15 years later, I’m still part of this amazing company! My role has continuously evolved, starting from Administrative Assistant to my present-day role as a Senior Property Manager at Los Esteros Apartments in San Jose. I am grateful and humbled for the opportunity that The John Stewart Company has provided me and their unwavering support to continuously enrich my professional development.
Laura M Portrait

Laura M.

Senior Compliance Specialist

One of my favorite things about The John Stewart Company is the opportunity for growth. I started in the Admin Department and was given the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the new Compliance Department in our Region, I am now a Senior Compliance Specialist. Our company emphasizes training and opportunities to spread your wings. Everywhere I look, there are examples of employees like me who have been given an opportunity to grow and advance in the company.

Rachel V.

Property Manager

I started working for JSCo almost 11 years. My managers recognized my potential and began to teach me different aspects of property management. I soon advanced to other areas in the company such as accounting, property management, and being a part of the compliance team. This company took a risk on me and taught me so much more because they believe in each person they hire. This company stand for every core value they set forth and more, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Kevin V Portrait

Kevin V.

Maintenance Lead

I like working for JSCo because it’s like one big family instead of a corporation. Our core values are not just written words on the wall, everyone here applies it to their daily work and because of this, the communities we serve are also a part of our family. We strive to improve the quality of living for everyone, which makes the job that much more rewarding. Our Leadership is one that will continue to grow and thrive because we stand behind one another and have a great support system. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here.
Ruben B Portrait

Ruben B.

Regional Manager

Best property management company to work for! Excellent training and advancement opportunities are available to each employee. JSCo has done an awesome job at making me feel appreciated. This company values your time and effort, you are not just a number, you are a real person here. I have great co-workers and upper management is very understanding and always has your back! JSCo offers great support and resources to help you navigate through any challenges that you may have. I have moved out of state several times and when I come back, JSCo is always my number one employer choice.

Claudia P.

Property Manager

I joined JSCo in 2013 and had no property management experience. I worked my way up from a Leasing Agent, Assistant Manager, to a Property Manager within 18 months and was recently promoted to lease up a 135-units property in San Jose, California. Over the years, JSCo has given me ample opportunities to work with great leaders who helped me grow as a professional as well as an individual. Within the organization, I always witnessed a collaborative culture and leadership team focused on the growth of its employees and the organization. Working with JSCO has been a great experience, a complete package in itself!!
Christina W Portrait

Christina W.

Office Manager

I'm so proud to work for The John Stewart Company. Whether I'm supporting the Training Department, working with our Regional Vice President to streamline processes, assisting our Regional Managers with time-sensitive projects or planning special events for our office staff, my role with JSCo is constantly evolving and allowing me to grow in my position as Office Manager. The enthusiasm for our company's success is absolutely contagious. You hear it in the voices of our site staff, regional office employees, and we feel it in the messages conveyed at our annual company conference. The accomplishments of JSCo are a result of the ethics, passion and solutions-based approach of our company's leadership, to enable employees to take pride in their jobs, and ownership in the company's successes. The John Stewart Company isn't just an industry leader; it's a template for how to do business in the property management arena. I'm so proud to be a part of this organization.
Eric J Portrait

Eric J.

Maintenance SR

If you're considering a career with The John Stewart Company, you might want some information about what it’s like working here, to determine if it's right for you. Let me tell you from my perspective. I'm the Lead Maintenance Tech for the Senior Manor and Union Square Apartments. For me, there are two things that matter in life; finding joy and bringing it to others. The John Stewart Company helps satisfy both of my missions through my work. The company offers great healthcare benefits, competitive pay, and an awesome team environment. We all have our purpose within the company - whether it's replacing a faucet, completing a recertification or heading up a meeting for a potential new property to manage or purchase. We all have one thing in common that keeps us successful - we operate as a team. If you would like to work with us, it is definitely a rewarding experience. You will get opportunities to shine, your compassion will be appreciated, and being resourceful will pay off. Having impeccable integrity will earn respect. Your service to our tenants will bring smiles to their faces and as a professional, you will succeed here.
Ron B Portrait

Ron B.

Regional Manager

The most important thing I could tell an applicant about The John Stewart Company is that our company is full of opportunities and willingness to support our employees. I started as a Desk Clerk / Janitor back in 2002 and now work as a Senior Regional Manager at the Corporate Office. Along the way I have worked in Maintenance, Resident Services, and on-Site Management positions. JSCo has multiple career paths and positions available for its employees. JSCo was also there for me as I lived my life; when I quit smoking, they had a program and health care benefits that helped. When my parents died, JSCo was there with Bereavement Leave and a kind word. When I got married and had my two children, JSCo encouraged me to have the work-life balance I needed for my family. This is a company that recognizes who you are today and where you want to go in your career. I am grateful today to be part of that legacy and help carry it on.
Jennifer T Portrait

Jennifer T.

Regional Accounting Director

JSCo is a great place to work. In some places, Accounting is off in a dark corner churning out numbers, but not here. Our Accountants actively collaborates with Property Managers, Regional Managers and clients, to ensure safe, fully occupied and beautiful housing for so many who need it. Sure, we churn numbers and make it all balance, but we know there is a bit more meaning to what we do. And it’s a very fun group of people!
Ivy K Portrait

Ivy K.

Senior Accountant

When I started in 2005 at The John Stewart Company, I was a newly graduated student with minimal work experience. I was given a lot of opportunities to learn and grow throughout the years. I have gained not only work experience but also valuable friendships. JSCo is not just any other company to work for, it is a place where we can offer help to others in need of finding safe and affordable housing, such as my friends and family.

Edgar L.

Property Manager

I love working for The John Stewart Company because hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and there are always opportunities to move-up in the company. With zero property management experience, I was hired as an Assistant Property Manager. A year and half later, I was promoted to Property Manager and I now oversee four properties. Working for JSCo has allowed me to utilize my college degree to help individuals find affordable housing.