Equal Housing Opportunity

Solving Financial Challenges

Every housing development presents different financing and development challenges. The John Stewart Company meets these challenges by working with each partner to prepare individualized development and operating budgets – including rent structure, funding sources, hard and soft costs, loan schedules and long-term operating cost projections – all tailored to meet the needs of specific projects. We then design a comprehensive financial plan that meets the needs of both sponsors today and residents in the future. In this way, we strive to achieve a sound financing basis before the first contractor arrives on site.

Financial Consolidation and Preparation

Effectively identifying, obtaining and combining various financing sources is essential to developing successful quality affordable housing. Once an initial feasibility study is complete, we prepare applications for project financing – both equity and debt – from conventional lenders and state and local agencies. The John Stewart Company’s has a proven track record of obtaining multiple sources of financing and equity, enabling development to proceed.

Property Financial Management

Tax Credit Financing and Consulting

When it comes to tax credit financing, The John Stewart Company works with consultants to secure prices from a wide range of corporate investors and syndicators to achieve optimal returns. Our investment relationships include direct investors such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and U.S. Bank, and syndicators such as Enterprise Community Partners, the National Equity Fund, Richman Capital, and Redstone Equity Partners.