What is The John Stewart Company’s mission?

The mission of The John Stewart Company (JSCo) is to create and manage outstanding residential communities that enrich the lives of our residents and employees, while delivering our services cost-effectively, efficiently, and with the highest levels of professionalism, compassion, integrity and respect.

What are the company’s values?

At JSCo, we have five core values to guide us on how we conduct business and interact with both our residents and coworkers.

  1. Compassion – We care and give empathy to others.
  2. Resourcefulness – We are effective, creative, and resilient.
  3. Integrity – We are honest and accountable for our actions.
  4. Service – We seek to be helpful and useful to others.
  5. Professionalism – We confidently represent JSCo’s high business standards.

We refer to them as our “C.R.I.S.P.” Core Values, based on the acronym they form.

Why work for our company?

  • In addition to challenging and meaningful work, you’ll have the chance to give back to your community and make a positive impact on our residents’ lives. We are also the largest affordable housing manager in the state of California with over 400 properties so we have a large network of dedicated and talented staff.
  • Our employee’s average length of service is six and a half years.
  • We believe our continued success depends on the different experiences and ideas that our employees contribute.
  • Diversity is important to us:

Jsco Diversity Pie Chart 2018

Faq Diversity 2018

What are the opportunities for career advancement at The John Stewart Company?

With over 400 properties, over 32,000 units, and 4 regional offices, there are many opportunities for growth. The John Stewart Company is committed to providing advancement opportunities for our employees from any starting employment position. We actively coach and mentor employees who desire career advancement and demonstrate an ability to learn new skills.

What types of positions does JSCo offer at our properties?

We offer a variety of roles within our company. Some of our more common job openings at the site level include Maintenance Technicians, Janitors, Desk Clerks, Administrative positions, Occupancy Specialists, Property Managers, and Assistant Property Managers.

What type of positions does JSCo have that aren’t based at a property?

We offer a variety of corporate positions. Our more common job openings include Accountants, AP Specialists, Administrative positions, and Regional Managers.

What will happen after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application, if the hiring manager thinks your qualifications and experience may be a good fit, they will reach out to you for a phone screen or an in-person interview.

What are the salary ranges for your site positions?

Salary range will depend on the position and property that you are applying for. If this information is not available on the job posting, please inquire with the hiring manager during the interview process.

What are the benefits and who is eligible for them?

All JSCo employees qualify for some benefits. Benefit levels are dependent on how many hours worked per week, however, check out our benefits here.

Other than salary and benefits, how does JSCo show appreciation for its employees?

  1. Annual Company Conference where we recognize employees who have been with us for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and now 40 years!
    • 24% of our employees have been with JSCo for more than 10 years.
    • 42% of our employees have been with JSCo for more than 5 years.
  2. JSCo’s CRISP Program recognizes employees who demonstrate excellence through one or more of JSCo’s Core Values. In addition to the award itself (some of which come with cash prizes), employees are recognized in a quarterly email broadcast to the entire Company.
  3. JSCo provides multiple educational scholarships each year to the children or spouses of full‐time Company employees through the JSCo Family Educational Opportunities Program. All children or spouses who are at least 17 years of age and either a senior in high school (and planning to attend college or another educational/vocational program), or already participating in a public or private college, university, vocational school, certification program or job‐skills program, are encouraged to apply to the Program. Scholarships consist of cash grants towards tuition and school fees, books, supplies and other educational expenses.

Do you have any corporate company events?

National Night Out – Annual community event that occurs at select properties across our 4 regions where we invite neighbors, local merchants, churches, and public services. An opportunity for our staffs and residents to get together outside the usual office space to eat and play games! This is also an opportunity for the attendees to discuss ways to be more aware of what’s going on around them in the neighborhood.

Annual Conference – Yearly conferences are held in both Northern and Southern California to celebrate our employees, learn from our speakers and hear about company news from our President. We also celebrate our employees’ years of service and to give awards to those who have exhibited core values. There’s music, food, and dancing too!

Wellness Challenges – To engage our staff in fitness we have events such as our Step Challenge and our Hydration Challenge!