Eric J

Eric J.

If you’re considering a career with The John Stewart Company, you might want some information about what it’s like working here, to determine if it’s right for you. Let me tell you from my perspective.

I’m the Lead Maintenance Tech for the Senior Manor and Union Square Apartments.

For me, there are two things that matter in life; finding joy and bringing it to others. The John Stewart Company helps satisfy both of my missions through my work.

The company offers great healthcare benefits, competitive pay, and an awesome team environment.

We all have our purpose within the company – whether it’s replacing a faucet, completing a recertification or heading up a meeting for a potential new property to manage or purchase. We all have one thing in common that keeps us successful – we operate as a team.

If you would like to work with us, it is definitely a rewarding experience. You will get opportunities to shine, your compassion will be appreciated, and being resourceful will pay off. Having impeccable integrity will earn respect. Your service to our tenants will bring smiles to their faces and as a professional, you will succeed here.