Christina W

Christina W.

I’m so proud to work for The John Stewart Company.

Whether I’m supporting the Training Department, working with our Regional Vice President to streamline processes, assisting our Regional Managers with time-sensitive projects or planning special events for our office staff, my role with JSCo is constantly evolving and allowing me to grow in my position as Office Manager.

The enthusiasm for our company’s success is absolutely contagious. You hear it in the voices of our site staff, regional office employees, and we feel it in the messages conveyed at our annual company conference. The accomplishments of JSCo are a result of the ethics, passion and solutions-based approach of our company’s leadership, to enable employees to take pride in their jobs, and ownership in the company’s successes.

The John Stewart Company isn’t just an industry leader; it’s a template for how to do business in the property management arena. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization.