Jethro B

Jethro B.

There are many maintenance jobs out there with various companies. My last employer downsized and many of us lost our jobs. During my job search, I was looking for a stable company with a good track record of treating their employees fairly and I found The John Stewart Company (JSCo).

I started with JSCo about 5 years ago in hopes of retiring with them. I’ve found this company to be very empowering towards their employees. It’s not often you find a company that TRULY has compassion for both employees and residents. Management at all levels are never too busy to address your concerns and JSCo’s no-cost health care through the Wellness Program is the best I’ve experienced.

When I tell someone, I work for The John Stewart Company, and they say “I hear that’s a good company to work for,” this reinforces my feelings. I’ve been in this profession for over 30 years and have found JSCo to have integrity and respect amongst management companies in the industry. At this point, for me, to work for another company would be a step down from JSCo and its CORE values.