Amy Y.

I started working for The John Stewart Company in 2007 as a Full Time Desk Clerk. I was new to this country when I started working for JSCo, and my co-workers were very welcoming to me. I am bilingual, so I help with both the verbal and written translations between our Chinese residents and our staff members. In 2016 I was promoted to Assistant Property Manager, I received training in multiple software platforms, so that I was prepared for my new job responsibilities. Throughout my career with JSCo, my coworkers have been supportive as I continued my studies and grow my family, allowing for work-life balance. One aspect I really enjoy about this company are the monthly Safety meetings at our property. Staff members meet and discuss the needs of the property, staff, and our manager is there to give us guidance. The John Stewart Company has given me multiple opportunities and I really enjoy working for this company.