Idaho Apartments

Property Description

The Idaho Apartments is a 29 SRO unit complex serving the formerly homeless population. Units are set aside for those with mental health issues or HIV. This was a joint effort with many partners including the City of El Cerrito, and the Housing Authority of Contra Costa County.   Located on the border of El Cerrito and Richmond, it is close to public transportation and within walking distance to many shops including El Cerrito Plaza. The units come furnished with a bed, table and chair with a community room, laundry on site and some limited parking is available. The onsite service staff provide through Rubicon Programs do many different activities with the tenants include crafts and outings and are available to the residents if requested.

Idaho Apartments Property Details

Phone: 510-231-9841 | Email:

Address: 10203 San Pablo Ave

City: | ZIP: 94530


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