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Imani Fe Apartments

Address: 10345 S Central Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-249-0732

Email: [email protected]

Juanita Villas

Juanita Villas is a 49 unit community with 0-bedroom and 2-bedroom units located in Los Angeles, CA.

Address: 335 N Juanita Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-644-2831

Email: [email protected]

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is a 66-unit affordable housing project in South Los Angeles, California. The complex is affordable to families earning between 30% – 60% of the area median income. Once a home to a blighted old smokehouse and alley, now…

Address: 8760 S. Main Street, Los Angeles

Phone: (323) 751-2196

Email: [email protected]

Las Margaritas

Address: 137 N Soto St, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-262-2453

Email: [email protected]

Lorena Terrace

Address: 611 S Lorena St, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-262-7609

Email: [email protected]

Los Cuatro Vientos

Address: 5331 E Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-221-1800

Email: [email protected]

Los Girasoles Apartments

Address: 952 S Record Ave Apt A, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-980-9515

Email: [email protected]

Martin Luther King Village

Address: 801 W 40th Pl, Los Angeles

Phone: 213-833-1860

Email: [email protected]

Metro @ Western

Metro @ Western consists of 33 apartments on a half-acre site located within a short walk from the Western Stop of the Metro Expo Line.

Address: 3671 S Western Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-643-4537

Email: [email protected]

Mosaic Gardens at Westlake

Mosaic Gardens at Westlake is a 125-unit community with 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units located in Los Angeles, CA.

Address: 111 S Lucas Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 213-335-3625

Email: [email protected]

Nightingale, The

The Nightingale is a 30 unit community with 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units located in Los Angeles, CA.

Address: 6218 Compton Ave, Los Angeles

Email: [email protected]