Miguel J

Miguel J.

I have worked in the Property Management field for the past twenty years, of which fifteen have been with The John Stewart Company. I’ve been a Regional Manager for the John Stewart Company since July 2013, and currently oversee eight properties in Solano County out of the Sacramento Regional Office.

In 2003, I was hired as a Maintenance Dispatcher at Phoenix Park Apartments, a property with approximately 500 units in Sacramento. In 2011, I was offered to manage a Tax Credit property with 170 units, and I gladly accepted.

After one year as Property Manager at Meadow Glen Apartments, I was offered a position as an Assistant Regional Manager to oversee several properties in Solano County for approximately six months. In 2012, I was asked to manage Hotel Berry, a new lease up, a property in the Downtown Sacramento area. Once the lease up at The Studios at Hotel Berry was completed, I was offered the position of Regional Manager for the Sacramento Region. I accepted the offer and continued to excel in my profession.

Since then, I have overseen a complete rehabilitation project in 2015 for a property in Fairfield, a new construction lease-up for a property in Sacramento that consists of 180 Tax Credit units, and a new construction lease up in West Sacramento that consists of 77 Tax Credit units.

I never imagined I would have a career in property management, but now this is my life. I am very grateful to be part of JSCo, a company that has mentors to help you excel and gain as much knowledge as you are willing to receive. JSCo is truly a company that has compassion towards employees, residents and anyone that is somehow involved with them. I have never heard of a company that has such high standards like JSCo does when it comes to delivering performance, services and professionalism to their clients, residents and employees. JSCo is a company that will always encourage their employees to move up by providing the tools, training and 100% support.