Phase II of JSCo’s ambitious “Hunters View” public housing redevelopment effort was recently named a “Real Estate Deal of the Year” by the San Francisco Business Times.  Consisting of 107 new public housing and low income housing tax credit units, the project is the second piece of a multiphase undertaking that will eventually include over 700 units of mixed-income rental and ownership housing, neighborhood-serving retail space and several new parks.  “It is part of the ongoing building of a whole new neighborhood and goes beyond bricks and mortar,” commented JSCo President & CEO Jack Gardner.  “It is about reconnecting residents with the broader community of San Francisco,” said Gardner, who gave credit to JSCo VP Margaret Miller and Project Manager Catherine Etzel, as well as JSCo’s partners Devine & Gong, Inc. and Ridge Point Non-Profit Housing Corporation and Mayor Edwin Lee’s Office of Housing and Community Development.