Hoover Senior

Address: 6212 S Hoover St, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-541-0391

Email: hoover@jsco.net

East Side Palm Trees Cut

Imani Fe Apartments

Address: 10345 S Central Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-249-0732

Email: imanife@jsco.net

Jackson Aisle Apartments

Jackson Aisle Apartments is a 29 unit community with 0-bedroom and 1-bedroom units located in Midway City, CA.

Address: 15432 Jackson St, Midway City

Phone: 714-379-5193

Email: jackson@jsco.net

Juanita Villas

Juanita Villas is a 49 unit community with 0-bedroom and 2-bedroom units located in Los Angeles, CA.

Address: 335 N Juanita Ave, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-644-2831

Email: lakretz@jsco.net

Kimberly Park Apartments

Address: 15135 Kimberly Dr, Victorville

Phone: 760-245-1014

Email: kimberly@jsco.net

Knolls Apartments

Knolls Apartments is a 62 unit community with 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom units located in San Marcos, CA.

Address: 688 Vineyard Rd, San Marcos

Phone: 760-744-7133

Email: knollsapts@jsco.net

Lakeshore Villa Apartments

Lakeshore Villa

Lakeshore Villa has a total of 126 units, 124 of which are Section 8 assisted living units. All Section 8 assisted units on this property are one-bedroom.    

Address: 6888 Golf Crest Drive, San Diego

Phone: (619) 463-9611

Email: lakeshore@jsco.net

Las Margaritas

Address: 137 N Soto St, Los Angeles

Phone: 323-262-2453

Email: lasmargaritas@jsco.net

Laurel Crest Apartments

Laurel Crest Apartments

Laurel Crest offers 36 two- and 36 three-bedroom apartment homes. All units include ENERGY STAR appliances, wiring for high-speed Internet access, window and floor coverings, and an exterior balcony or patio.  

Address: 531 W Jackman St, Lancaster

Phone: 661-948-3422

Email: laurel@jsco.net

Liberty Village Apartments

Liberty Village Apartments is a 38 unit community with 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units located in Beaumont, CA.

Address: 735 Illinois Ave, Beaumont

Phone: 951-381-4977

Email: illinois@jsco.net

Loma Linda Veterans’ Village

Loma Linda Veterans’ Village is an 87-unit affordable apartment community for low‐income Veterans and their families in Loma Linda, California.

Address: 25281 Van Leuven St Ste F, Loma Linda

Phone: 909-674-0072

Email: lomalindavet@jsco.net