Tivoli Plaza Apartments

Property Description

Tivoli Plaza is multifamily apartment complex that was constructed in 2008. It is located at 1737 West Holt Avenue in Pomona, Eastern Los Angeles County, and features a total number of 63 units. The property’s unit mix is a combination of One Bedroom, Two Bedroom/One Bath, with a total unit size of 37,989 Sq. Ft.  A 63-unit Senior & 27-unit Low Income apartment complex, the project was designed with shared spaces that encourage resident interaction as well as separate areas and unit floor plans sensitive to the needs of each generational group. Seniors can engage in the active environment, and families benefit from life experience and interaction with senior residents.

Tivoli Plaza Apartments Property Details

Phone: (909) 622-1010 | Email: Tivoliplaza@jsco.net

Address: 1731 W. Holt Avenue

City: | ZIP: 91768


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