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Hayward Villa Apartments

Property Description

Hayward Villa Apartments are located at 27424 Tampa Avenue, Hayward, California.  The property contains 78 units (76 one bedroom units and 2 two bedroom units). Each unit has its own private balcony and assigned parking.  The community is a locked gated community with a barbeque sitting area and tenant’s garden in back of property. Hayward Villa serves a resident population of elderly families whose head, co-head or other member is 62 years of age or older based on the Section 8 HUD program for the elderly, elderly and non-elderly disabled persons that are defined by the U.S. Housing Act of 1937; a displaced elderly family; the remaining member of a tenant family.

Hayward Villa Property Details

Phone: (510) 887-2332 | Email:

Address: 27424 Tampa Avenue

City: | ZIP: 94544


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