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Conejo Future Apartments

Property Description

Conejo Future Apartments are located at 130 Brazil Street Thousand Oaks Ca. The property contains 90 units (one bedroom units). Each Unit has its own private balcony/patio and unassigned parking.  The community has beautiful oak trees near sitting areas throughout the courtyards. Conejo Future serves a resident population of elderly families whose head, co-head or other member is 62 years of age or older based on the Section 8 HUD program for the elderly, elderly and non-elderly disabled persons that are defined by the U.S. Housing Act of 1937; a displaced elderly family; the remaining member of a tenant family.

Conejo Future Apartments Property Details

Phone: (805) 497-9848 | Email:

Address: 130 Brazil Street

City: | ZIP: 91360


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